Alan S. Mintz

"Cleveland native Alan Mintz has been making art almost his entire life. A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, he received a MFA from Ohio University and a M.Art. Ed. from Case Western Reserve University. After teaching at the college level, Alan now teaches K - 12 for the Cleveland Municipal School District as a licensed Art specialist. For twenty years he has maintained a studio in the ArtCraft Building and paints, thinks, and dreams there when he is not teaching or being with his family."

He is represented by Samuel Roth at Art Source, 23533 Mercantile Rd. in Beachwood, Ohio, 44122. Call 216-464-0898.

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Artists Statement

     This body of work was made 2004 - present and is the result of my coming back to the studio after a long illness. These paintings are not about the illness or surgery, but the return to making art and finding a "new normal." I have always worked in acrylic, wood and paper. Using these familiar materials along with traditional painting and carving techniques gave me a starting point.
     Using found / made structures (the drawers and shipping pallets) allowed me to complete more paintings in a shorter period of time while forcing me to consider the structures' idiosyncrasies (i.e. handles or warping) and limitations while workingwith rather than against them: much, like my new state of health with its abilities and limitations, had to be considered and dealt with. Continuing to be concerned with color and surface design, I was inspired by everything in my life-old sketch books, new travels, textiles, African art, Judaica, rituals and ritual objects used by other cultures, symbols and their meanings, the students I teach. Patterns found in uncommon settings were another resource – the displays of yarns and buttons in a knitting shop, for example.
     At the same time I thought a lot about symbols, religion, spirituality, the practice of mindfulness, the art of craft, and human mortality. There is a new sense of playfulness and lightness in my process – now I "don't sweat the small stuff", I just paint. I feel my objectives: 1) that the work have a simple grace and a certain power – the power of history, of ancient cultures, religions and crafts and 2) to create a new body of work have been fulfilled. I invite the observer to enjoy my paintings.