Do I need to be an artist to join the site?
Nope. You're welcome to join as a patron, you can't post any art put you can follow and get exclusive content.

How much does it cost?
Right now, and hopefully for a long time it's free to join.

What happened to the old site?
The owner of the prior site felt it was time to shut it down.

What happened to my old page on AOC?
We're doing what we can to maintain original content and links for your seo and on-line presence. If you'd like your original page to redirect to your new profile please let me know. Porfolio pages have been removed, feel free to register and populate more sample work.

What is a legacy?
A legacy is some who was an 'original' member of AOC, basically anyone who had a link on the old site. We want to acknowledge them in some way.

Why can I only show 5 sample works?
We're working hard to expand the site and infrastructure so as to allow more works.

What is with the critique.work thing?
http://critique.work is a crowd critique platform for artists. We hope to have a long partnership and even adopt some of that systems functionality to expand AOC.

Is there an app?
Sorry, no. But the site will work on your phone or tablet!