Artists of Cleveland is All New

Posted: 5/22/2016 4:21:34 PM | Author: Patrick Dew

I first joined the AOC for one primary reason. Link generation. I wanted to increase the organic ranking of my own site. THe best way to do this, link backs to the site. Operating as a ‘turnstile’ the site pushed traffic my way. I don’t get a lot of traffic but most of the legitimate referring traffic does indeed come from AOC.

When I received notice that AL was shutting down the site, I thought “That’s a shame.” All the links out out there to AOC that help me and others, gone.

Having recently involved with another profile based web platform, I thought I could breath some life back into AOC. I immediately contacted Al to see if i could get the domain transferred in order to create a different, user managed site. As soon as I got a ‘yes’ I started backend development.

OK. So sure we or you could start a facebook group or something. Groups, their intentions, their purposes get muddied by the facebook paradigm. Social media, is a very loud place. People get trolled, the art can get diluted - it’s too much.

We embark on this endeavor together. The success of this is site is dependant of the usage and involvement of artists and patrons.

Please Join, and follow.

Sorry for errors I’m sure there’s more to come.


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