Lindsay Janice

Registered: August 2017

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What I studied and pursued in the past was fun, but I was more focused on impressing other people than listening to what I really wanted to do. I not only completely ignored my creative side over the years (writing, drawing, photography... In high school there was nothing more I wanted to do than just write and become an author), but I also got myself too focused on other career and life choice matters, that caused me to travel down a spiral of stress and anxiety. It was only then that I realized my potential in photography: having spent more time on taking photos than most, plus thoroughly enjoying the freedom and creativity behind each moment I captured. It was truly a random "aha!" moment. So, I brushed the dust off my camera to start using it more, and also made my way to the internet to make sure I knew all the basics and technicalities with photography and editing. It wasn't as easy to get into it though, because there was still a side of me that believed I wouldn't "impress" people still with my change in avenue. Not only that, but I always had the "you must have a degree to back you up as credentials" statement drilled into me (there are times where that negative noise still bears its ugly head in my brain); so it's even hard sometimes still to call myself a photographer, especially because of how recently I took this seriously. Despite this though, I know now how vital it is to take care and be true to yourself. On top of that, I refuse to let society and its "norms" bog any more people down like it did to me. I aim to have my photography let others join me with the day by day journey of life and being mindful of the little things. That way, we can experience more potential insight from life, overcome the negative, and realize that the destination is not all that matters. Because "not all who wander are lost," especially when we are true to ourselves and with an open perspective.

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