Alyssa Lombardi

Registered: September 2017

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tagged: painting oil encaustic drawing woutdoors yoga art administration lakewood fishing watercolor


Hello! I am a young artist residing in Lakewood. In May of 2017, I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Two-Dimensional Art and another degree in Arts Management. Now, I am pursuing my education at the University of Akron for a Master's degree in Arts Administration. I have been teaching at the Beck Center for the Arts since October, and I also have been working with Greater Cleveland Community Shares downtown to help with fundraising for social justice focused organizations. In my free time, I love to commission paintings and focus on my personal work. With a background of fitness and the outdoors, I believe nature and the human figure will always make a presence in my paintings/drawings. After graduating with my Master's next year, I would love to work for a nonprofit art organization in Cleveland to help make art accessible for as many people as possible!

sample artwork

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