james march

Registered: June 2016

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My paintings are about space, form and energy. I generally start painting without preconceived notions as to the final outcome and build space through a series of constructions and destructions. The paintings begin with a loose set of limitations and directives. I often work with an abstract idea in mind, several scientific concepts come to mind, to give me focus. I then paint freely, gradually narrowing my focus and zeroing in on a composition that depicts a solid structure, intriguing space and a spontaneity of design. I am interested in complex spatial relationships that lead to a feeling of a comprehensive whole which has energy and a life of it's own. I am also interested in linear movement and visual paradoxes. I do a great deal of my composing on the canvas and never know what I will end up with until I am done. For me painting is an act of discovery. Born: Cleveland, Ohio Education: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Cert. Kent State University, MFA Awards: Ohio Individual Excellence Award for painting- 2009 Represented in Cleveland, Ohio by: Tregoning and Co. Gallery European representative in Lisbon, Portugal: ArtCatto Gallery Selected One Man Exhibitions: 2017- The Stocker Art Center- Elyria, Ohio 2017- Tregoning and Co. Gallery- Cleveland, Ohio 2015- Tregoning and Co Gallery- Cleveland, Ohio 2013- Negative Space Gallery- Cleveland, OH 2013- Loren Nagi Gallery- Cleveland, OH 2012- Willoughby Hills Gallery- Willoughby Hills, OH 2012- Arts Collinwood Gallery- Cleveland, OH 2012- Tregoning and Co. Gallery- Cleveland, OH 2010 - Beachwood Community Center Gallery, Beachwood, OH 2009 - 1point618 Gallery, Cleveland, OH 2008 - Stocker Center Gallery, LCCC, Elyria, OH 2007 - Asterisk Gallery, Cleveland, OH 2007 - The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC 2006 - The Pennello Gallery, Cleveland, OH 2005 - ArtMetro Gallery, Cleveland, OH 2003 - ArtMetro Gallery, Cleveland, OH 2002 - ArtMetro Gallery, Cleveland, OH 2000 - Powerhouse Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH 1998 - Powerhouse Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH 1996 - Powerhouse Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH 1993 - Propaganza Gallery, Cleveland, OH 1992 - Powerhouse Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH 1992 - Marquette Street Gallery, Cleveland, OH 1990 - Chelsea Art Gallery, Beachwood, OH 1989 - Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls, OH 1988 - Jon Gersted Gallery, E. VIllage, NYC 1987 - The Milkbar, W. Village, NYC 1987 - Avenue A Gallery, E. Village, NYC 1986 - Siesta Key Gallery, Sarasota, FL 1985 - Beulahland, E. Village, NYC 1984 - Simone Gallery, Soho, NYC

sample artwork

48x48- acrylic on canvas

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